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Artificial Grass for Tennis
Overview of Artificial Grass for Tennis

Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society and at all ages. The sport can be played by anyone who can hold a racquet, including wheelchair users. At the same time, the quantity demand of the tennis court and its usage frequency are increasing continuously. In the past years, our players tried the common turfs, red grounds or even hard concrete courts, but the effects are all imperfect. The latest development of the artificial grass technology makes artificial grass tennis turf as the best choice for players with good foot feeling, outstanding elasticity, fall protection and even surface characteristics.

A distinct form found in tennis is an "artificial clay" surface, which seeks to simulate a clay court by using a very short pile carpet with an infill of the same loose aggregate used for clay courts that rises above the carpet fibers. Artificial grass tennis courts are proved that their high-quality grasses can effectively absorb the moving sand, and ensure players to run want only as well as enjoy the sport without worrying about the moving sand, which highly improve the comfort of the sport!

"SANHE" artificial turf of tennis combines the advantages of sand floor, Natural grass floor and hard floor. It can meet the maximal playing strength with the minimal maintenance.

Specification of Artificial Grass for Tennis

Pile Height: 10-20mm ± 1mm

Gauge: 3/8" 3/4" 3/16

Yarn Dtex: 6600-8800

Width: 2M or 4M

Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Tennis

School and community Tennis fields, community and club tennis fields, professional tennis fields, tennis pictch, multi-purpose sports field etc.

Characteristics of Artificial Grass for Tennis

1. Can be played on at all times, all year round, all-weather round.

2. Consistent even bounce thanks to perfectly level playing surface.

3. Excellent traction and strong grip on the tennis court.

4. Minimal maintenance.

Main Products of Artificial Grass for Tennis
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