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Artificial Grass for Hockey
Overview of Artificial Grass for Hockey

The introduction of synthetic turf / artificial grass has significantly changed the sport of field hockey. Since being introduced in the 1970s, competitions in western countries are now mostly played on artificial surfaces. With the introduction of artificial turf pitch, the game of hockey has become much faster and considerably, more popular. Synthetic grass turf is the perfect choice for Hockey which need strict requirements for the flatness and softness of the surface. The synthetic grass system could guarantee very good ball rolling, ball rebound and rotation effects, and it also to protect the players from falling on the grass. Players can now make fast passes with precise ball control. In fact, some rules have been amended and techniques refined to suit the new pace of the game. The shape of the hockey sticks has also undergone a change to produce optimum results whilst playing on an artificial surface.

Field hockey artificial turf differs from artificial turf for other sports, in that it does not try to reproduce a grass 'feel', being made of shorter fibers. This shorter fiber structure allows the improvement in speed brought by earlier artificial turfs to be retained. Players are able to control the ball more easily and the increasing ball speed has made hockey a faster and more exciting game.

According to the customers' different requirements, there are mainly two kinds of hockey synthetic grass on the market---water-infill grass for professional matches, sand-infill grass for training. For water-infill grass, because each time before the match, the field will need to be filled with water, the system has very high requirement for the backing cloth. For the sand-infill grass, the requirement is relatively lower, but the installation is also very strict, or it may injure the players on it. Customers will need to pay attention to these points when choosing the product.

Specification of Artificial Grass for Hockey

Pile Height: 10-20mm ± 1mm

Gauge: 5/32" 5/16" 3/16"

Yarn Dtex: 6600-8800

Width: 2M or 4M

Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Hockey

School and community Hockey fields, community and club hockey fields, professional hockey fields, hockey pictch, multi-purpose sports field etc.

Main Products of Artificial Grass for Hockey
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