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Artificial Grass for Golf
Overview of Artificial Grass for Golf

Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. Recent years, Golf is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide, but Due to the lack of the available natural water areas and the changes of the climate, high-quality natural golf courses in the world are suffering massive erosion. The quality of the golf courses will be directly influenced with the necessary water supply and the maintain frequency, Now "SANHE" Synthetic artificial turf can be used in the golf industry, such as on golf ranges, putting greens and even in some circumstances tee boxes which no need to water and only need to do the most fundamental cleaning and maintenance.

"SANHE" Golf artificial grass series including Golf putting green turf, Golf Putting Green Fringe Turf and some Golf portable Practice series(Portable golf putting green, Portable Golf hitting mat, Portable Golf putter trainers etc), with the characteristic as flow:

1. No season limited, can practice any time, can practice anywhere.

2. Good abrasion resistance, durability, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost.

3. No mosquito. No need mowing. Greatly save time.

4. Environmental protection and very beautiful, let you embrace the nature anytime and anywhere.

5. Can adjust the speed of putting green any time, design different slope model, completes simulate kinds of conditions on the pitch.

6. Artificial grass that feels natural to the touch.

7. Friendship=golf, lets enjoy the fuuny of the golf.

Specification of Artificial Grass for Golf

Pile Height: 10-15mm ± 1mm

Gauge: 3/16" 5/32"

Yarn Dtex: 4400-8800

Width: 2M or 4M

Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Golf

Golf course, garden, office, home, park, place of business, backyard, multi-purpose sports field etc. Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship = Golf, Lets enjoy the funny of the Golf!

Main Products of Artificial Grass for Golf
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