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Artificial Grass for Kindergarten
Overview of Artificial Grass for Kindergarten

When it comes to selecting the perfect Artificial turf as the playground of your kids, safety is your number one concern, which also the number one concern for everyone in SANHE plant. Based on this Principle, "SANHE" design and manufacture the best and safest Kindergarten specialized artificial grass with below characteristic:

1. Environment friendly: "SANHE" artificial grass produced according to EN15330 and GB/T20394, get CE certification, no CU ZN PB SB etc heavy metal, passed the test of SVHC, all test by SGS.

2. Physical security: It is 1.5 times of our body weight for normal runing and jumping, 1.6 times for the side down impact force, 1.8 time for the back of the falling impact force and 1.2 times for the Positive falling impact force. Children's skeletal and joint are on their developmental stage, so the Comprehensive impact is 1.2 time of their body all this want our artificial grass cant very long but the Density should bigger than normal. "SANHE" artificial grass adopt high Density design based on PE+PP yarn with correct pile hight, which not only supply good movenent performance but also protect our children once tumble.

3. Preservation eyesight: The color of artificial turf too gorgeous will inhibition sensory cell stimulate pyramidal cells on our retina, it is the primary cause for visual fatigue. "SANHE" artificial grass copy the mixed nature colors such as olive green, light green, dark green, light yellow, light blue, jacinth and purple, copy the nature yarn shape such as monofilament yarn and curly yarn with matte surface treatment, which both dont change the reflective rate and wave length, so our artificial lawn is good for children's visual development.

4. Psychological security: "SANHE" artificial grass copy the color of natural grass with lively, warm, natural, bright without gorgeous, it is not only motivate the children's curiosity and attention, but also improve the color sensibility.

5. Clean and safe: no need for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Excellent performance of anti-UV, anti-aging, pass the test of SGS. Good quality backing and coating which make the grass fibre not easy to be teared by childern.

With above special characteristic and low-cost, easy maintenance and strong adaptability etc common advantages, our Kindergarten specialized artificial grass is more and more popular in the domestic and international market, this kind of artificial turf will take complete coverage and replacement of traditional paving materials such as plastic and PVC.

Specification of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

"SANHE" Kindergarten artificial garss including Outdoor ground artificial turf, colorfull running track artificial turf and Cartoon artificial turf. Common specification as flow:

Pile Height: 20-30mm ± 1mm

Gauge: 3/8" 5/8"

Yarn Dtex: 6000-11000

Pile content: Monofilament and Curly PE

Width: 1M 2M or 4M

Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Kindergarten, swimming pool, roof garden, roadside, graveyard, three-dimensional greening, roof virescence, vertical greening etc.

Main Products of Artificial Grass for Landscaping
Playground Artificial Grass
Playground Artificial Grass"SANHE" outdoor artificial grass widely used for the play ground of kindergarten. Our children runing, jumping, climbing on it, share their laughter and tears in most of their kindergarten time. Our artificial grass will protect them when playing on the turfs with the Monofilament and curly yarn...
Running Track Artificial Grass
Running Track Artificial Grass"SANHE" colorfull artificial grass track also named rainbow track, always matching our outdoor ground artificial turf. This artificial grass well-mixed red, yellow, blue, purple and white, they are pure in colour, elegant and graceful, long-lived and unfading, much alive than the traditional plastic track...
Cartoon Artificial Grass
Cartoon Artificial Grass"SANHE" cartoon artificial grass always matching our outdoor ground artificial turf. Cartoon artifical turf is made of various kinds yarn with different colors, the cartoon image alive and colorfull with richest characters. They are handmade artificial grass turfs with big density, the coating adopt the...
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