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Qingdao Changzhou Plastic industry co.,ltd. is a joint venture company, established by CHANGZHOU group in Shandong and USOON HOLDINGS in 2010, located in the E&T&D zone of Qingdao, which is the bridgehead of Import and Export of China. Qingdao Changzhou plastic industry specialized in charge of all the impot and export affairs, such as the import of Wilton looms and Artificial grass fiber while export own produced artificial turfs with brand "SANHE".

Changzhou Group is China's premier of artificial grass manufacturer, we imported Wilton looms, tufting looms, coating line and flat cutting equipment to produce artificial turf with nylon, PP(polypropylene) and PE( polyethylene) materials according to ISO9001 and our own standardization management system.

We Produce:

1. Artificial grass with pile height from 6mm-60mm;

2. Artificial turfs with monochrome, two-tone, three-tone, four tone;

3. Artificial lawn with monofilament yarn, fibrillated yarn, curly yarn and mix yarn.

4. Synthetic garss for landscaping, leisure and recreation, Garden, Decorative.

5. Synthetic turf for kindergarten, playground.

6. Synthetic lawn for sports, including Soccer, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Running track, Golf, Gateball.

We Service:

1. Installation tools for artificial grass.

2. Installation accessory (Joint tape, Glue, Rubber Granule) for artificial turf.

The yarns we use have UV resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility made from nylon, PP(polypropylene) and PE( polyethylene) raw materials. The backing fabric cloth and latex we use are specially manufactured for trouble free applications of synthetic grass turf.

Please contact with us for Artificial Grass Cost , artificial grass price list, Sports artificial grass, Landscaping artificial grass putting green, kindergarten turf etc!

Artificial Grass for Cricket
Artificial Grass for CricketA natural grass cricket pitch has to be very well prepared by groundsmen whose jobs include fertilising, mowing, rolling and levelling the surface. The key action takes place in a specially prepared area of the field, generally in the centre, that is called the pitch. Most of the time, this sport will be played...
Colorful Artificial Grass
Colorful Artificial GrassLiberate your creative self with SANHE Turf Colorful artificial grass! Available in color swatches ranging from the classy unicolor blue, red, yellow, purple to the bubbly Blend artificial turf such as Blue+white artificial turf, Green+white artificial grass, green + yellow artificial lawn etc, colorfull Turf is a great...
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