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LOGO Interpretation

The Logo of "SANHE" come from the thinking of Family and enterprise, "三" means Three in english, on behalf of Father, Mother and Kids in once family, also correspond to the three stick figure in the middle of Logo. "禾" means grass in english, correspond to our artificial grass businese. Our Logo means Family and Enterprise bring out the best in each other, also embodies our belief "Coppy nature, Better service life, Transfer Happiness".

Artificial Grass for Hockey
Artificial Grass for HockeyThe introduction of synthetic turf / artificial grass has significantly changed the sport of field hockey. Since being introduced in the 1970s, competitions in western countries are now mostly played on artificial surfaces. With the introduction of artificial turf pitch, the game of hockey has become...
Colorful Artificial Grass
Colorful Artificial GrassLiberate your creative self with SANHE Turf Colorful artificial grass! Available in color swatches ranging from the classy unicolor blue, red, yellow, purple to the bubbly Blend artificial turf such as Blue+white artificial turf, Green+white artificial grass, green + yellow artificial lawn etc, colorfull Turf is a great...
Running Track Artificial Grass
Running Track Artificial Grass"SANHE" colorfull artificial grass track also named rainbow track, always matching our outdoor ground artificial turf. This artificial grass well-mixed red, yellow, blue, purple and white, they are pure in colour, elegant and graceful, long-lived and unfading, much alive than the traditional plastic track...
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